Commercial Pool Retiling & Commercial Pool Resurfacing in Orlando & Dr. Phillips

When you need professional commercial pool retiling or commercial pool resurfacing, contact Southeast Pools. Our trained, licensed, and insured pool technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality in commercial swimming pool services, including commercial pool retiling and commercial pool resurfacing. Whether your commercial pool needs minor upgrades or a major overhaul, Southeast Pools in Dr Phillips & Orlando.

Southeast Pools is a Leader in Commercial Pool Resurfacing in Orlando

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The water in your swimming pool will eventually begin to make the surface crack, the colors fade, and eventually that beautiful look it had when it first opened will become a little worn out. At Southeast Pools, our pool resurfacing team are experts in helping you choose a new finish for your pool that, will not only look beautiful, but that will last a long time. The price for resurfacing varies based on several different factors such as the size of your pool and the type of materials you choose to use. We are dedicated to helping you find the best possible resurfacing solution for your budget, schedule, and needs.

At Southeast Pools, we handle all types of commercial swimming pool retiling and commercial pool resurfacing needs that consider all aspects of your pool including:

  • Filtration Equipment Upgrades
  • Deck Repair and Resurfacing
  • Pool Plastering, Refinishing, and Resurfacing
  • Tile Repair and Resurfacing
  • Pool Bottom Refinishing
  • Coping Repair
  • Water Feature Additions
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Modifications to Layout and Style

Commercial Pool Retiling in Orlando & Dr. Phillips


Swimming pool tiles are one of the most durable, long lasting, pool surfaces (when installed correctly). Pool tiles, also come with one of the highest price tags for  your pools surface. But with that prices, there are quite a few benefits to a tiled pool. Tiles are easier to maintain and clean, which cuts down on maintenance costs, they can give your pool a classy elegant look that you can’t find anywhere else, tiles are resilient to corrosion and fading, and they can last longer than any other pool surface if taken care of properly. Placing new tile, or retiling your swimming pool is a big investment which is why you should choose Southeast Pools as your pool retiling contractor. We are fully licensed, but more importantly we are passionate about the work we do and it shows in the finished product.

Why Do Businesses in Orlando Choose Us To Retile or Resurface their Commercial Pools?

Southeast Pools can handle any commercial pool retiling and commercial pool resurfacing needs. We always focus on the long-term, using the highest quality products and only the best trained pool technicians. No matter the needs of your commercial pool, you can trust you will enjoy its beauty for years to come. This is because our experts are trained, not only in pool refinishing, we are able to identify different repairs & issues that your pool may have. Let us give you an estimate on your commercial pool project, you’ll know why our customers say that we are “The Clear Choice”.

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