Pool Cleaning: It’s More Important Than You Think

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Orlando: Swimming Weather Year Round

Many of us moved to the greater Orlando area because we love the temperate climate. One of the benefits to living in such a warm area; our swimming pools are open year round. Swimming can be a great exercise, taking a dip can be relaxing & refreshing, and sometimes, hopping in the pool is a great way to cool down. But before you jump into your pool on a hot afternoon, there are some things you should be aware of.

Swimming Pools: The Dirty

In 2016, the CDC, conducted a study on public swimming pools  that was based on inspection data that was collected in 2013 from a number of different states, including Florida*. The study found that 80% public pools had health and safety violations. Over 10% of the pools that were inspected were so bad that they had to be shut down immediately.

Sure these are public pools with a ton of people swimming in them, but they also are staffed and have regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance crews on site. If this happens to these larger venues that have guidelines and regulations in place, what does that mean for smaller private pools where people can let their pools fall into disrepair? If you don’t know what to look for, how can you be sure that your swimming pool company is doing a high quality job?


Swimming Pool Debris
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What Caused The Health Violations?

First, it’s important to remember that warm pools of water can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. An swimming pool that isn’t maintained, doesn’t have balanced chemicals, and isn’t cleaned on a regular basis is pretty much a pool of standing water. In Orlando, you can be sure that pool is warm.

There are a number of reasons that swimming pools can be disgusting if they aren’t maintained. If you’re familiar with the movie “Caddyshack” you may know that fecal matter in pools can clear them out. Before you say “I don’t poop in my pool” keep in mind that there may be animals that track fecal matter into your pool, especially if you have a dog that loves the water.

It’s not just poop that’s cause for concern. in some surveys, up to 70% of people admit that they don’t always shower before they get into a swimming pool. If you decide to take a dip to cool down and you haven’t showered first, sweat, dirt, and germs that you’ve collected over the course of a hard day can be transported into your pool. Getting a nick or a cut while in the pool, or even sneezing in the pool can help germs spread.

These germs can lead to skin infections, wound infections, ear infections……I’m sure you’re getting the picture…a ton of infections (and other diseases)!

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How To Make Sure Your Pool Is Clean

There are a lot of things that you can do on your own, such as buying a chemical checking kit to make sure your Chlorine and Bromine levels are right. You can also vacuum, brush, and skim your pool. Emptying the baskets can help make sure that your filter doesn’t get clogged. However, even if you’re checking things regularly, there are some problems that you may not be able to identify. If your swimming pool pump isn’t working and the pools circulation is off, you may not even notice.

It’s a good idea to hire a certified pool cleaning and maintenance company to make sure that things are performing as they should be. At Southeast Pools, we don’t just clean your swimming pool, we maintain it. Part of our maintenance plan is inspecting your pumps and filters to make sure they are in proper working condition. If there’s a problem, we can even help you repair your swimming pool.

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